BGL's End of summer clearance sale!

As it nears the end of summer it is time to clear out the old to make room for the new..... Our End of Summer Clearance sale brings you the best prices you will ever find on some of the best bicycles on earth... Had your eye on a Jake? A Zing? A Hei-Hei? A Honzo?

We are setting prices so low its insane! Check these out.... before my boss finds out what I've done!

Kona Zing Supreme - was $2199 - now -$1399

Kona Jake the Snake - was $1649 - now $1199

Kona Sutra - was $1499 - now $1099

Kona Honzo - was $1899 - now $1299

Kona Hei Hei - was $1899 - now $1299

Kona Ute - was $1299 - now $999

Surly Krampus - was $1900 - now $1450



You'll find comparable savings from 10% to 25% throughout the store on all of our closeout bikes! Come see why Kona rocks and why BGL will treat you right!